Headstart Program

At Tsukuba International School, our Headstart Program runs for three months (April to June) every year and provides a chance for students to improve their language abilities and settle in to the routines of the school before the new school year starts in September. The Headstart Program is available to all students in the elementary school and junior high school.

Our school year (the “Regular Program”) starts in September but Japanese public schools start in April, so parents sometimes want their children to start studying at our school from April instead of September. The Headstart Program provides us with a way to accept students who are transferring from Japanese schools and gives them a chance to get used to studying at our school before starting a new school year in September. This is an especially important opportunity for children who are not native speakers of English to develop their language skills in an intensive three-month program before starting the school year in September.

Students who complete the Headstart Program in June are automatically accepted into the Regular Program from September.

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