2011 TIS Promotional Video

This video was originally a slideshow that was made for Tsukuba International Festival! We set it to music and put it on our website. So many things have changed since then. It seems like more than six years ago.

  • Our new mission statement (Tsukuba International School: A compassionate learning community, centered in nature, celebrating diversity, equality, and opportunity).
  • We now have a second 10 classroom school building.
  • We are authorized for the PYP and the MYP.
  • There are now 21 PYP schools, 11 MYP schools, and 29 DP schools in Japan.
  • We have 190 students. The largest class has 20 students and the smallest (3 year old class) has 5. We have 39 staff members.
  • We have full-time teachers for Art and Physical Education. We still have part-time teachers in Music.
  • In the PYP, students have three Japanese classes per week. In the MYP, they have five Japanese classes per week.
  • We no longer have grass on the PYP field as we have played too much soccer on it over the years!
  • We have three buses.
  • We have dedicated library space.
  • The assembly room is twice the size.
  • Students in Grades 4 to 10 must bring in their laptops every day.
  • Tsukuba’s population has increased to 227,334.