Tsukuba International School has a school bus that picks children up and drops them off at various convenient locations in Tsukuba, and Tsuchiura.

Bus Stops

  • Arakawaoki Station (Joban Line)
  • Azuma (near Tsukuba Central Post Office)
  • Banpaku Kinen Koen Station (Tsukuba Express Line)
  • Kenkyu Gakuen (near train overpass)
  • Matsushiro (near Matsushiro Shopping center)
  • Matsunoki (near Couronne, English Now)
  • Namiki (Namiki Ohashi, Higashi Odori, near AIST)
  • Ninomiya (near Ninomiya Elementary School, adjcent to Doho Park)
  • Sengen (near Blomster Anna, Higashi Odori, south of Minami Odori)
  • Tsukuba Center (near Lexus Garage and Seibu)


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2017-18 Timetable

As of October 17
AM BUS 1 (Mr. Ishikawa)
7:20am Azuma
7:31am Tsukuba Center
7:50am Tsukuba International School
8:05am Banpaku Kinen Koen Station
8:15am Tsukuba International School


AM BUS 2 (Mr. Nakajima)
7:25am Kenkyu Gakuen
7:38am Banpaku Kinen Koen Station
7:50am Tsukuba International School
8:05am Banpaku Kinen Koen Station
8:15am Tsukuba International School



Bus 1 for PYP Students (Mr. Ishikawa)
3:15pm Tsukuba International School
3:27pm Kenkyu Gakuen
3:37pm Azuma
3:40pm Hanamuro
3:45pm Tsukuba Center
3:52pm Sengen
4:00pm Namiki


Bus 1 for MYP Students
4:10pm Tsukuba International School
4:20pm Kenkyu Gakuen
4:30pm Azuma
4:33pm Tsukuba Center
4:43pm Matsushiro
4:48pm Matsunoki
4:50pm Ninomiya
4:55pm Sengen
5:05pm Namiki
5:25pm Arakawaoki Station


Last Bus after Enrichment and After School Care (Mr. Nakajima) (stops as necessary depending on users)
4:45pm Tsukuba International School
4:55pm Banpaku Kinen Koen Station
5:08pm Kenkyu Gakuen
5:25pm Tsukuba Center
5:41pm Ninomiya Sho
5:47pm Matsushiro
6:05pm Namiki

AM BUS 3 (Mr. Hayashi)
7:10am Arakawaoki
7:30am Namiki
7:35am Sengen
7:43am Ninomiya Sho
7:45am Matsunoki
7:50am Matsushiro
8:15am Tsukuba International School—–







Bus 2 for PYP Students (Mr. Nakajima)
3:15pm Tsukuba International School
3:35pm Matsushiro
3:40pm Matsunoki
3:43pm Ninomiya Sho

Bus 3 for PYP Students (Mr. Hayashi)
3:15pm Tsukuba International School
3:25pm Banpaku Kinen Koen Station



Bus 2 for MYP Students  (Mr. Nakajima)
4:15pm Tsukuba International School
4:25pm Banpaku Kinen Koen

Please note that these times are subject to change according to traffic conditions.

We also offer a separate bus service at 2:00pm for pre-kindergarten students only. Please contact the school manager if you are interested in using this service.

Bus Fares

Please see our “School Fees” page for information about the bus fares.

Bus Alerts

The school has a mailing list for parents whose children ride the bus. If the bus is delayed, an email is sent to the list to inform parents of the situation. Parents are encouraged to subscribe their cellphone email addresses to the list in order to receive instant information about the bus.