1. If you have read through all of the information about admissions (including eligibility, waiting lists, school information sessions, etc.), and you have decided that you would like to enroll your child in Tsukuba International School, you can request an interview through our online interview request form.
  2. Before the interview, download the application package (PDF or Word format) and fill out pages 11 to 13. Bring the completed forms to the interview along with a copy of your child’s most recent report card.
  3. Your child will have an assessment interview with a teacher, and you (the child’s parents or guardians) will be interviewed by the principal. If your child is not fluent in English, he/she will also be given a test of English proficiency.
  4. After the initial interview, the school will decide whether or not your child will be admitted, based on the teacher’s recommendations. Notification of the decision will be given within one week of the interview.
  5. If the teachers feel that they need more information to make a decision, further assessment may be arranged.
  6. Once your child has been accepted, fill out the remaining application forms (pages 14 to 18) and return them and any supporting materials (immunization records and any additional school transcripts) to the school.
  7. The school will send you an invoice and a registration form for the academic year that your child is enrolling in.
  8. Transfer the application fee and registration fee by bank transfer. Payment will hold your child’s place (up to a maximum of one term in advance) and should be paid immediately upon acceptance to TIS.