(Hand-drawn map to help you visualize our location in the far west of Tsukuba)

You can also see the location of the school in Google Earth. (You must have a copy of Google Earth on your computer to make use of this link.)


By Train

Take the Tsukuba Express line to Banpaku Kinen Koen Station. Take a taxi from the station to the school (5.4km).


Take the Joso line to Mitsuma Station. Take a taxi from the station to the school (4.1km).

By Car

Please note that many car navigation systems will not have the school’s address registered. Please do not rely on (older) navigation systems to get to the school.

Go west on Tsuchiura Gakuen-sen past Tsukuba Center, LaLa Garden, and Yamashin Gran Stage. Continue on Tsuchiura Gakuen-sen for 5km past Gran Stage. The road will become smaller, going from 6 lanes, to 4 lanes, and finally 2 lanes. You will see a European (Tudor-style) house on your left just after the road narrows to two lanes. There is a traffic light just after the European house. At the next traffic light after the one in front of the European house, turn left. (There are only fields around this traffic light.) There is a sign at this intersection telling you to “turn here” for Tsukuba International School. Travel down this road for about 200 meters and you will see the school (a huge wooden building) on the left.


(Please note that this is a picture of the sign coming from the opposite direction.)