On Friday, we had a school-wide meeting to discuss how to react in case of emergency. We talked about the important things to remember during an earthquake or fire. In the case of an earthquake, we learned how to take cover under our desks. In the case of fire, we learned how to evacuate the building. We took a tour of both school buildings and identified the possible exits that we could take if we have to evacuate the building. The most important lesson we learned was to stay calm and listen carefully to our teachers’ instructions.

Emergency Drill

Today, we had an emergency drill. An “earthquake” happened at approximately 10:15am. We quickly got under our desks and listened to our teachers’ instructions. Afterwards, one of the teachers decided that we must evacuate. We left the building without taking any books or materials and even without changing our shoes! We met at the evacuation point and all teachers reported that their students were present. In total it took about 3 minutes for all of us to reach the evacuation point and report on our status: ALL CLEAR!