Tsukuba International School will be closed from March 2 to 6 following the recommendation from the Japanese government, and the general consensus among schools in the Japan Council of International Schools.

How long will the school be closed?
We will be making a decision on a week-by-week basis, and will decide on the previous Wednesday about whether to remain closed or to re-open for the following week. Therefore, we will announce our plans for March 9 to 13 on Wednesday, March 4.

How will students continue to learn?
TIS staff will be meeting on Monday and Tuesday to set up the TIS Virtual School (TISVS) for all grades from Wednesday, March 4. More information about the TISVS will be sent to parents and students on Wednesday. The Virtual School will be in place until the school re-opens.

How are you supporting parents who need childcare?
We are working on a system to arrange for emergency childcare for those families who need it.

We apologize to our school community for the inconvenience caused by this closure, but we are certain that it is the best decision for our school community, and the wider community in Japan, at this time.