Please note: The TIS Admissions Office is CLOSED in July and August. No new applications can be processed, and no interviews can be held during this time. If you would like to join our school, please plan to apply well in advance of the summer.

  1. Fill out the Application for Admission Form
    If you have read through all of the information about admissions (including eligibility, waiting pools, school information sessions, etc.), and you have decided that you would like to enroll your child in Tsukuba International School, download the application package (PDF or Word format) and fill out the Application for Admission Form.
  2. Request an Interview
    Request an interview through our online interview request form. The admissions officer will contact you after you submit the form and let you know where to send the application documents: (1) Application for Admissions Form, (2) copy of your child’s most recent report card, (3) any additional transcripts and records from previous school(s). Please be aware that if there is a substantial waiting pool for the grade(s) that you are applying for, then we may not be able to accept your request for an interview at this time. In that case we will keep your application documents on file and will inform you when we are ready to offer an interview for the grade(s).
  3. Attend the Interview
    Your child will have an assessment interview with a teacher, and you will be interviewed by the principal. Please be aware that both parents (or legal guardians) must be present at the interview, in principle. (Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances.) If your child is not fluent in English, he/she will also be given a test of English proficiency.
  4. Notification of Results
    After the initial interview, the school will decide whether or not your child will be offered enrollment based on the admission committee’s recommendations. If the committee members feel that they need more information to make a decision, further assessment may be arranged. Notification of the decision will be given within one week of the completion of the interview and any further assessments.
  5. Acceptance of Offer of Enrollment
    The Acceptance of Offer of Enrollment form must be completed and returned within two weeks of receiving the form. You will be required to fill out the Parent (or Legal Guardian) Agreement and Health Appraisal and return them and any supporting materials (immunization records and health insurance card) to the school. In addition you will be required to pay the application fee at this time.
  6. Waiting Pools
    In cases where the student is in a waiting pool, the school will contact the family when a place becomes available.
  7. Register
    When a place is available for your child, the school will send you an online registration form for the academic year that your child is enrolling in.
  8. Pay Registration Fee
    Based on the information in your registration form, the school will send you an invoice for the school fees. Transfer the registration fee by bank transfer. Payment of the registration fee will hold your child’s place (up to a maximum of one term in advance).
  9. Pay Remainder of School Fees
    Pay the remainder of the school fees by the deadline indicated on the invoice.

Please note that, as a private institution, the school reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion at any stage of the application process, and will not publicly disclose the reasons for its decisions. This practice allows the admissions committee to consider a broad range of factors contributing to a student’s potential fit and success in the school, while maintaining the confidentiality of the committee’s deliberations.