Our school year starts in late August but Japanese public schools start in April, so parents sometimes prefer to enroll their children from April instead of August. April Enrollment provides us with a way to accept students who are transferring from Japanese schools and gives the students a chance to get used to studying at our school before starting a new school year in August. April Enrollment is available to all students who are eligible for the preschool, elementary school, and junior high school (age 3 to Grade 10).

Please see below for the fees for April Enrollment (April to June 2023).

Application Fee

20,000 yen (one time only, upon acceptance) Paid in full after acceptance has been confirmed.

Test of English Proficiency

Fee TBA (one time only, if applicant is not fluent in English) Paid in full after acceptance has been confirmed.

Registration Fee

80,000 yen (one time only, upon acceptance) Paid in full by April 1.

Activity Fee

Throughout the year our students go on regular educational field trips and experience visits from experts in fields, such as the arts and science. This fee enables our school to support these valuable and enriching educational experiences.

10,000 yen per student (annual) Paid in full by April 1.

Facilities Fee

50,000 yen Paid in full by April 1.

Materials Fee

60,000 yen Paid in full by April 1.

Tuition Fees

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 10 (PYP and MYP) One payment of 440,000 yen (payable by April 1); OR three payments payable by April 1 (150,000), May 1 (150,000), Jun 1 (140,000)


  • 25% discount on tuition fees for younger siblings.
  • discount for children of parents who work as researchers in Tsukuba (more information)

Please see the fees page for more information on discounts and payment procedures.

Class Trip Fees

In addition to our regular educational field trips (covered by the Activities Fee), our students go on a special excursion with their classmates every year. This trip is a mandatory part of the educational programme. We ask parents to contribute the following amounts for these trips. The amounts may vary slightly each year based on the costs of the trips, but this is the approximate estimate of the cost per grade. PYP parents will be informed of the actual amount, and the deadline for payment, closer to the time of their child’s class trip. MYP parents will be invoiced for the trip fees at the beginning of the school year.

Grade Estimated Cost to Parents
Pre-Kindergarten approximately ¥3,000/student
Kindergarten approximately ¥3,000/student
Grade 1 approximately ¥7,500/student
Grade 2 approximately ¥7,500/student
Grade 3 approximately ¥10,000/student
Grade 4 approximately ¥15,000/student
Grade 5 approximately ¥17,500/student
Grade 6 approximately ¥30,000/student
Grade 7 approximately ¥30,000/student
Grade 8 approximately ¥40,000/student
Grade 9 approximately ¥40,000/student
Grade 10 approximately ¥50,000/student
Grade 11 no trip
Grade 12 no trip

External Assessment Fees

Parents must pay the necessary fees for external assessments. Some of these tests are mandatory and some are optional. Parents will be informed of the amount, and the deadline for payment closer to the test dates

  • TOEFL ITP Test – around 3600 yen — Held in Dec.
  • Kanji Proficiency Test – from 1400 yen to 4500 yen, depending on the level — Held in Feb.
  • Japanese Language Examination (Nihongo Kentei) — from 1400 yen to 6000 yen, depending on the level
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test — 5500 yen

Bus Fees

TIS offers a school bus with several convenient stops near four train stations and a variety of locations in Tsukuba.

  • 20km from school (e.g. Arakawaoki) = 16,500 yen per month
  • 15km from school (e.g. Namiki, Sengen) = 15,500 yen per month
  • 10km from school (e.g. Kenkyu Gakuen, Tsukuba Center, Ninomiya, Matsushiro) = 15,000 yen per month
  • 5km from school (e.g. Banpaku Kinen Koen) = 14,000 yen per month

Bus fares can be paid in one lump sum (due August 1) or at the beginning of every month (due on August 1 and then the first day of every month from October to June).

Bus can be used on a one time only basis for a fee of 500 yen to Banpaku Kinen Koen, Kenkyu Gakuen and Tsukuba area, 700 yen to all other stops.

After School Care Fees

Tsukuba International School offers after school care from 2:00pm until 4:40pm for PYP students and 4:05pm to 4:40pm for MYP students. Parents can use this service on a per-day, per-month, or per-year basis. Reservations and payments must be made in advance. Parents who chose to pay on a per-day basis must remit the payment at least one day in advance. Parents who choose to pay on a per-month basis must remit the payment before the 1st of the month. Parents who choose to pay on an annual basis must remit the payment before September 1. When the monthly or yearly rates are chosen, refunds will not be issued for days missed.

Daily Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
(1,500 yen/day) (1,200 yen/day) (1,000 yen/day)
5 days per week 1,500 yen 24,000 yen 200,000 yen
4 days per week 1,500 yen 19,200 yen 160,000 yen
3 days per week 1,500 yen 14,400 yen 120,000 yen
2 days per week 1,500 yen 9,600 yen 80,000 yen
1 day per week 1,500 yen 4,800 yen 40,000 yen


Students in Grades 4 to 12 are asked to bring their own computers (laptops) to school. Please see the Bring Your Own Laptop Program page for more information.