International school fees can be very expensive, so our school has a few ways to try to support families in accessing the education that we provide.

Lump Sum Discount (10%)

Tuition fees can be paid in one lump sum (on or before August 1), or in three payments (due August 1, November 1, and March 1). Families who pay total annual fees in one lump sum on or before August 1 receive a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Sibling Discount (25%)

The tuition fees for the second (and any subsequent) child who enrolls from a particular family are discounted by 25%. The sibling discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

Tsukuba Science City Network Agreement (Discount for children of international researchers)

Tsukuba International School has a cooperative agreement with Tsukuba Science City Network. International researchers who work for research institutes and universities that belong to the Tsukuba Science City Network can benefit from reduced tuition fees. This is the school’s way of contributing to an environment that allows research institutes in Tsukuba to invite top level researchers from abroad to come to Tsukuba. (More information.)

Note: The school fees are comprised of two one-time enrollment fees (application and registration fees) and four annual fees (facilities, materials, tuition, and activity fees). The above discounts only apply to the tuition fee. The one-time enrollment fees and the annual fees must be paid in full by all students, including siblings.

Preschool Tuition Support from the Japanese Government

Children who are registered residents of Tsukuba may be eligible for a subsidy from that can go toward the preschool fees. (The subsidy is called「地域における小学校就学前の子供を対象とした多様な集団活動事業の利用支援」in Japanese.) This subsidy is also available to residents of Tsukubamirai and Ryugasaki. Residents of other cities should contact their local government to inquire about the availability of this program in their area. Please see the explanation of this subsidy on the Tsukuba City Hall website (in Japanese) for more information.

High School Tuition Support from the Japanese Government

The Japanese government provides financial support to families under certain income brackets for high school tuition fees. As Japanese high schools start in Grade 10, this can be applied to TIS students in Grades 10, 11, and 12. Please see this website (in Japanese) for more information. This flyer also includes some basic information about this support.