There are a number of ways you can support Tsukuba International School.

Tell Your Friends About Us

One easy way you can support us is by letting your friends know about us! Because the population of Tsukuba moves around a lot, it can be hard for us to make sure that everyone who should know about us can find us. So, if you know of any people who might be interested to know that there is a world-class international school in Tsukuba, please tell them all about us and encourage them to fill out an expression of interest form if they have any questions.

“Like” us on Facebook

We have a Facebook page where we post pictures and comments about the activities and events at our school. As of April 2017, over 950 people have “liked” our page. (Not bad for a tiny loghouse school in the woods of Kamigo with fewer than 200 students!) If you haven’t already done so, please “like” our page and share any stories from our page that interest or inspire you. We would really like people to find out about our school organically (because of natural curiosity about who we are and what we do), rather than through costly or intrusive advertising campaigns, so this is one way you can really make a positive impact on our school.

Follow us on Twitter

We post to Facebook and our posts get automatically sent to Twitter, so they are not always formatted with the right number of characters for Twitter (sorry!), but if you prefer Twitter to Facebook, you can find us @tsukubaschool.

Make a Monetary Donation to the School

Tsukuba International School (TIS) relies on the kind generosity of the people and corporations in our community. Donations that we receive are used to purchase educational resources and equipment, and to offer scholarships to our students.

As TIS is registered as a “special public interest promotion corporation” (特定公益増進法人 in Japanese), donations to the school are tax deductible for individuals and corporations.

If you would like to make a donation to Tsukuba International School, please fill out the form, then transfer the donation to the following bank account.

Fill out the Donation Form
Register the donation here.

Transfer the Donation to this Account
Bank Name: Joyo Bank
Branch Name: Toyosato
Account Number: 1231656 (regular)
Account Name: Gakkou Houjin Tsukuba Global Academy Rijichou Kano Masahito

In Japanese:
銀行名: 常陽銀行
支店名: 豊里支店(店番139)
口座番号: 普通預金 口座番号 1231656
口座名義: ガッコウホウジンツクバグローバルアカデミーリジチョウカノウマサヒト

Please contact us if you have any questions about making a tax deductible donation to the school.

T-Shirt from Tsukuba International School

Support our Library

We have a library collection of over 10,000 books, but you can never have enough books in a school! If you have high-quality English or Japanese books that would be suitable for children aged 3 to 16, and you would like to donate them to our school, please contact us . We also accept children’s books in other languages such as Chinese, Korean, Bengali, French, Spanish, Thai, Hindi, Tagalog, Swedish, or Nepali.

We buy a lot of books throughout the year to support our students’ research, so another way to support our library is to send us Amazon Gift Cards. We tend to use and the most.

Donate Bellmarks

Bellmarks are little bell-shaped labels on many products that are sold in Japan. Here are some examples (pdf). If you cut off these “marks” from the product and donate them to the school, we can use them to buy educational supplies for our students. This is a nation-wide activity, and most schools in Japan participate in it, so it is very a well-known way to support schools in Japan.

Support Companies that Support Us

The following companies have been very supportive of Tsukuba International School. If they stay strong, we stay strong, so please consider checking them out and giving them your business.

Aseno Soccer Club and Tsukuba Football Club
Aseno Soccer Club is a sports club that is located in Moriya. Tsukuba Football Club is located in Tsukuba. Both of these clubs have supported our school in various ways. If you know someone who wants to learn how to play soccer, please tell them about these clubs.

Big Box
Big Box is a company that builds loghouses. This is the company that built our beautiful two-storey loghouse-style school buildings. If you are thinking of building a loghouse in Japan, please get in touch with our friends at Big Box!

Blomster Anna
Blomster Anna is a local flower shop in Tsukuba that has a Swedish theme. The store’s original proprietors are long-time supporters of Tsukuba International School. Their floral arrangements are beautiful and unique.

Factory of Dreams and Gekidan Kurie
Factory of Dreams and Gekidan Kurie collaborate to make an original musical every year. These organizations are mainly active in Tsukuba, Tsukubamirai, and Hitachi. Several students have joined the drama club, and even the principal of TIS has appeared in one of their productions. The staff of Factory of Dreams help to stage a musical at Tsukuba International School once a year (usually in March) involving our Grade 4 students. They also sometimes use the school facilities on weekends and holidays for their rehearsals.

Hashimoto Office
Hashimoto Office helps us with our staff immigration procedures. Mr. Hashimoto is well-known in the Tsukuba international community for his immigration-related services.

Juwa is the company that provides our bus services.

Mamatone is a volunteer group for mothers in Ibaraki. It strives to come up with ideas of things that mothers can do “even though they have young children” or “because they have young children”. It is a very active group and they welcome foreign members!

Music Plant
Music Plant supplies much of our audio equipment and musical instruments.

Nostimia is a company that imports Greek foods. If you mention that you are a “Friend of TIS” when you place your order, and include the numbers “1230” when you transfer your payment by bank transfer, 10% of the total of your order will be donated to the school.

Ohno Clinic
Dr. Ohno of the Ohno Clinic is our school doctor.

Radio Tsukuba
Radio Tsukuba (84.2 FM) is our local public radio station. Our students have visited the studio and have even broadcast their own radio shows.

Tsukuba Life Support Center
Tsukuba Life Support Center is a facility that helps mentally disabled adults gain life skills and independence. It is located near our school and we sometimes do events together.