University of Tsukuba Researcher Talks about Bees

Today we had a visit from a researcher from the University of Tsukuba. She talked to our students about bees and wasps. In particular, she told us about the bee dance. Our students had many questions for her.

University of Tsukuba Researcher Visits TIS

Questions from Grade 1 Students

  • Do bees have ears?
  • Do bees have a heart?
  • How many bees live in a hive?
  • What do bees use honey for?

Questions from Grade 3, 4, and 5 Students

  • What animals eat bees?
  • Do bees make honey in their tummies?
  • What kinds of poisonous bees are there?
  • Do queen bees make hives?
  • What does a queen bee look like?
  • How many times bigger is the queen bee than the worker bees?
  • What do workers bees do when they take care of the queen?
  • Does the queen bee marry all of the drones?
  • Where does the queen bee live in the hive?
  • How many bee eggs does a queen lay in a day?
  • If a queen bee doesn’t marry, can she still lay eggs?
  • Can queen bees fly too?
  • Do the worker bees make babies?
  • Who looks after the babies?
  • Do some types of bees make yummier honey than others?
  • Do worker bees fight with each other?
  • What do baby honeybees eat?
  • What do adult honeybees eat?
  • Does the queen bee eat the same things as the other bees?
  • What do honeybees use to make a hive?
  • How many months does a honeybee usually live? How long can a bee live?
  • Does a bee talk (i.e. communicate) with its mouth?
  • Does a bee have bones? If so, how many are there?

There are some really good questions there! Can you answer all of them?

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