New Building Dedication Ceremony

We held our New Building Dedication Ceremony on Saturday, May 16, 2009. The day started with a musical performance by Luis Sartor whose daughter graduated from Tsukuba International School a number of years ago. After his moving performance, Mr. Masayasu Kano, principal of TIS, gave a speech recounting the school’s history to this point. Then, we were treated to a song by the students of the school followed by a light lunch and another rousing performance by Mr. Sartor, in which he had all of the students and many of the staff members join him on stage!

The event was attended by a large variety of people who have supported the school, including representatives of local governmental and private establishments, people involved with the construction of the new building, and others who have contributed to the school and the new building in a range of ways.

Luis Sartor
Luis Sartor’s first performance

Mr. Kano speaks to the crowd
Mr. Kano speaking to the crowd

Tsukuba International School
Students performing “Just Like the Sun”

The staff and students of Tsukuba International School 2009