TIS in the Media

Our school has been featured in a magazine and on a TV program. Please see below for details.

1. Yume no Marutagoya ni Kurasu (夢の丸太小屋に暮らす)
This magazine will be available in stores from tomorrow (November 30). It includes a 6-page spread on the school starting from page 92. Also, it mentions that we won an award for “distinction” in the 2010 Japan Loghouse of the Year competition.
Yume no Marutagoya ni Kurasu: http://www.chikyumaru.co.jp/yumemaru/

2. Terebi Asahi Nikkei Ninki Variety Show “Shiru Shiru Mishiru” (シルシルミシル)
Time: Wednesday. December 1 at 11:15pm on Digital Channel 5, Analog Channel 10
There are some details about the show on the Big Box website (in Japanese): http://www.fin-bigbox.com/news/