Kiki Needs a New Home

We found another kitten on the TIS campus. (We found a male kitten named Manabu last year. He is currently living very happily with a family in Tokodai. The father of the family loves Manabu very much and they have become best friends.)

This year’s kitten is all black except for two white patches (under her chin and between her legs) and is about 8 months old. The kids have named her Kiki (which is the name of the witch in Kiki’s Delivery Service who has a black cat named Jiji).

We took Kiki to the vet and confirmed that she is healthy. The vet tested her for feline AIDS and leukemia and she was negative for both. He tested her stool (feces) and found that she has no intestinal problems. He gave her some preventative flea and tick medicine and then vaccinated her against five cat diseases. She will have her sterilization operation on June 6 and her second set of vaccinations on June 20.

Kiki only weighs 2kg and she is a delight to have around. She is very friendly and loves kids. She has been very tolerant of the students trying to get to know her. When we first met her on Wednesday, she was extremely hungry and would gobble up all of her food at once, but she has now started to leave food in her bowl. She spent most of the day today sleeping in the school hallway and didn’t even flinch when all of the students started moving around the building between classes. She has a big scar near her left eye, probably from her life in the forest, but she is otherwise healthy and happy.

We are hoping to find Kiki a new home as soon as possible. We will pay for her upcoming surgery and vaccinations. We have made a poster (available here) and we hope that some of you will be able to help us out by printing the poster and putting it up in places where people might see it. (On the poster it says that she has already had her vaccinations and surgery since it will probably take at least two weeks to find someone to adopt her.)

We appreciate anything you can do to help Kiki find a new home!

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