TIS Brain on Facebook

We would like to invite you to join our TIS Brain group on Facebook.

This group helps teachers at Tsukuba International School find online and offline resources to support the school’s curriculum.

At the primary (elementary) level, the school year is divided into six transdisciplinary units. At the beginning of each unit (and throughout the year), we look for resources that the teachers can use in the classes and that students and parents can use at home to come to a better understanding of the concepts in the unit.

We would like to ask for help from our community in locating relevant, interesting, and compelling online and offline resources to support the learning at TIS. Online resources can include websites, videos, images, blogs, etc. Offline resources can include books, people who the students and teachers can consult as experts, potential locations for field trips, etc.

We will post requests for resources in this group, but we would also like to encourage members to submit interesting resources that they come across. Even if the resources do not match what we are doing right now, if they present a learning opportunity for students, we want to know about them!

The resources that we come across are archived on our TIS Brain website.

Thank you for your help in making Tsukuba International School a place where learning is supported by the community!